Opening Doors to New Horizons: Embracing Our Consultant’s Arrival

Biokey extended an invitation to Dr. Henry Hann-Min Hwang to join as a new consultant for the brand.

Dr. Hwang is an outstanding dentist whose professional expertise has been inspired and guided by Dr. Lai, excelling particularly in traditional orthodontic techniques. Additionally, Dr. Hwang demonstrates a keen enthusiasm for new technologies and has successfully obtained certification as an expert in Invisalign orthodontics.

Renowned for his mastery in both traditional orthodontic methods and Invisalign technology, Dr. Hwang is dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional assessments for dental correction services. This commitment ensures that patients achieve optimal results in their pursuit of a beautiful smile.

As a new consultant for the Biokey brand, Dr. Hwang’s wealth of expertise and experience will infuse the brand with fresh vitality, contributing to Biokey’s innovation in the development of dental surgical equipment. Simultaneously, through the TAD Courses, he aims to introduce the allure of the Biokey brand to the next generation of dentists, fostering better dental health and smiles.

To learn more about Dr. Henry Hann-Min Hwange, please refer to the new Biokey catalog for further information.


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