Mourning the Loss of an Outstanding Mentor, Professor Hsiang-Hua Lai

On November 19, 2023, we mourn the loss of an outstanding mentor, Professor Hsiang-Hua Lai. He dedicated his entire life to the field of dental and oral medicine, particularly in the area of orthodontics. Not only did he make remarkable contributions to academia, but he also excelled in clinical research.

Professor Lai’s knowledge and experience have had a far-reaching impact, influencing students around the world. His teaching style, beloved by students, went beyond imparting knowledge. He sparked students’ interest in orthodontics and nurtured a spirit of creative thinking.

The passing of Professor Hsiang-Hua Lai leaves us deeply saddened, but his academic and educational spirit will forever be engraved in our hearts. We will continue to contribute to the advancement of dental medicine, ensuring that the brand he championed endures and thrives.


悼念 賴向華教授

2023年11月19日,我們失去了一位卓越的導師 賴向華教授。他終生致力於牙科口腔醫學,尤其是矯正醫學領域,不僅在學術上有非凡貢獻,更在臨床研究中有卓越成就。



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